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Members of Christian Alliance for Orphans and Christian Leadership Alliance, the Carpenters purpose of three-fold:

  • Ting Ministries seeks to raise awareness about the plight of the special needs orphans worldwide.

  • Ting Ministries seeks to provide safe, Christian counseling for adoptive families.

  • Ting Ministries seeks to work with native missionaries to go and share the Gospel of Christ with the orphans, so they are equipped to be leaders in their own countries.


After graduating from Taylor University in Indiana they got married in 1984 and worked in Michigan for several years. Both Dan & Arlene felt they needed to follow God's leading which took them back into missionary service overseas. In 1990, with 6 month old son Scott, they headed to Ukarumpa, the main center in PNG, where Dan did computer technical support and later, when the kids were older, Arlene helped in the Scripture publication department. Our youngest son Michael was born in PNG.

Dan and Arlene Bauman

- Wycliffe

Dan was born in India to missionary parents. His father, a pastor and teacher, was also born in India to some of the first medical missionaries. Dan went to a boarding school in India called Woodstock. In 1972 they returned to the USA and lived in Indiana where his father was a pastor. Dan's Mom, brother and sister live in Indiana with another brother near by. His young­est brother works at the Wycliffe main office.

Arlene spent her younger years in Pennsylvania until her parents went to Papua New Guinea (PNG) with Wycliffe Bible Translators, in 1972. She “grew up” in PNG through high school. Her parents helped translate the Rawa New Testament and adapt it to the Karo dialect. While they were working in the village she stayed in a children's home at, Ukarumpa, the main PNG center. In 1979 she returned to the US for college. Her parents and sister live in Pennsylvania.

Audio Recordings

After 10 years of supporting the computer needs Dan switched to doing audio recordings. He travels to remote villages and records Scripture, hymns and songs, and dubs Scripture and health videos in the languages of PNG. There are over 800 distinct languages in PNG with under 300 more still needing translation work started.

In the last five years Scripture recording needs have mush­roomed. Technology is providing great tools for distributing recorded Scripture to people in remote areas who don't have electrical power. Thousands of portable solar powered Scripture players have been distributed. Dan has been directly involved with more than 40 language projects either recording Scripture or processing recordings preparing them to go on to the players. It's been exciting and stretching.

Aitape West Translation Project

Arlene was an administrative assistant for the Aitape West Translation Project. This team works with about 9 different language groups all at once, consulting in translation and literacy. A huge task! Arlene helped with travel logistics, purchasing items, researching equipment and development needs, and more. Dan recorded the book of Luke in 4 of the languages.


Arlene looked after the guest house at the main center one day a week providing relief for the managers. The guest house is a place where translators, visitors and other guests can stay while attending courses, meetings or just passing through.

Scripture Publication Coordinator

With so many ongoing language projects, PNG has it’s own typesetting section preparing New Testaments, Scripture portions and literacy material for printing and coordinating the final printing of the books. Arlene was the coordinator of that section for many years.

Other Work

In the USA, Dan supports the work in PNG by:

• Editing scripture recordings.

• Working on computer software used to manage projects.

• Composing and recording background music for Bible story video projects. These projects provide ways to take recorded Scripture and produce short, simple, story videos using still images from other Scripture video productions of the books of Genesis, Luke and Acts.

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